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Aerosion The Gilded Trilogy Book 1, Gilded The Gilded Series Book 1. Therefore Gilded Feathers Gilded Feathers Series book 1. But users prefer Gilded Faith.
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Holiday Festivies in the Norwich Square. Calendar of Events November. This however differs from a forgery in that the signature was made with the author's knowledge and usually by a secretary or some other agent. A small book, approximately four inches wide and six inches tall. To make it, each sheet of paper is folded four times, forming 16 leaves 32 pages. A discoloration of a leaf or cover caused by the use of stickers, tape, etc.

The discoloration can be caused by a chemical reaction from the adhesive or from a difference in sun exposure. This is sometimes referred to as Tape Shadow or Sticker Shadow. The wear that occurs as a book is placed onto and removed from a shelf. See Rubbing. Rubbing: Wear caused to the edges of the book or dust jacket as a result of shelf friction. The piece of paper on which the printer prints.

The sheet is folded one or more times to form the leaves of the book.

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A book that the author has autographed. See Inscribed.

Inscribed: Usually indicates a book signed by the author with a personalized message, either with an inscription to a specific person or bearing some brief notation along with his signature. In bookmaking, this does not mean the author's name written in his hand. It refers rather to the group of pages produced by folding a single printed sheet, ready for sewing or gluing into a book. A cardboard case covered in paper, cloth or leather that holds a book s with only the spine exposed. A book that has been restored or worked on in order to increase its apparent value, this is often seen as a undesirable quality among collectors.

A book that is held together at the spine by a metal or plastic spiral which is threaded through holes punched though the leaves. Closely allied to the definition of Issue. State generally refers to a change other than a correction of a misprint.

Unequal Democracy: The Political Economy of the New Gilded Age - Second Edition

Issue: Synonymous with State, referring to the priority of copies within the first edition. Decorative typography ornament on the lower part of a page at the end of a chapter or a poem. See Headpiece , and then place it at the end. Headpiece: A decorative type ornament found at the start of a chapter or division of a book. If you take a book and remove the binding, you are left with the text-block. See Book Block. Book Block: A book that has been printed, folded, gathered and sewn, but not yet bound; not to be confused with "Block Books".

Some publishers in the 19th century added a notice on the title page stating, for instance "Eighth Thousand" to indicate a later printing. These are not first editions. First Editions: Generally used by book dealers and collectors to mean the first appearance of a work in book or pamphlet form, in its first printing. A reissue of a book that contains new material or is published by a new publisher. Often seen as "First Edition Thus". A book in three volumes, almost exclusively used to describe Victorian novels of the late 19th century. Means the plate , autograph, letter, photo, etc.

Plate: Whole-page illustrations printed separately from the text.

The title page information should be used for cataloging not the half-title page or covers. Used in describing periodicals to indicate that the title page and index are present; without a title page and index, the volume is incomplete. Work or ornamentation done with tools, especially stamped or gilded designs on leather. Usually abbreviated teg, it means that the top edges of the pages have been covered with gold leaf or gilt material.

An adjective indicating that the pages have been cut down to a size smaller than when originally issued. The correct first edition for any given title, usually denoted by the original country of origin the earliest publishing date.


Using a pencil or pen to underline passages in a book to draw attention to the underlined text. Pure, genuine, unrestored. If a book is so described, it can mean trouble as far as condition is concerned. A book that differs in one or more features from others of the same impression, but a positive sequence has not been established. A thin sheet of specially prepared skin of calf, lamb, or kid used for writing or printing, or for the cover. The second, or rear, side of a leaf in a book; in other words, the left-hand page of an opened book. Also called the Reverse. Reverse: The rear side of a leaf in a bound book; in other words, the left-hand page of an opened book.

During WWII conservation of materials was encouraged and publishers opted towards highly acidic cheaper paper.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Used

Books made with this cheaper material tend to degrade faster and subsequently are harder to find in fine condition. A distinguishing mark incorporated into Laid Paper, it is created by incorporating a design into the wire mesh tray which the pulp settles into. The watermark is then visible when the paper is held up to the light much the same way that Chain Lines or Wire Lines are visible in Laid Paper.

Stain on a book cover or leaves from water or other liquids. The band of printed paper the length of the dust wrapper of a book. Wrap-around bands contain favorable reviews and are put around some copies of books.

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Obviously fragile, they are of interest to collectors. The outer covers of a paperbound book or pamphlet. Not to be confused with Dust Wrapper. Dust Wrapper: See Dust Jacket. Refers to the edges of the cover of a book bound in paper or another soft material. See Oversized Wraps. Oversized Wraps: A bound book where the soft covers or wraps extend beyond the edges of the text block. A View Larger Image.

Critical Perspectives on Art, Politics and Culture

Advertisements ads, advts, adverts Advertisements placed in the binding of the book. All Edges Gilt A. All Edges Stained A. The top, fore-edge and foot of the book are coloured with a decorative stain. Antiquarian Books A loose term implying collectable books rather than used books.